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Can you name a 900-year-old country in the Iberian Peninsula with a population of about 10 million? The answer is Portugal.

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The public healthcare system is pretty good but I’d definitely recommend going private with Medis or something else that’s local. Super cheap and gives you access to brand new, really good hospitals and doctors.


In your tax benefits point, you don’t mention crypto tax. This is literally the only reason I’m moving there. Completely tax free for all crypto assets. Incredible.

As a digital nomad, there’s definitely no better place to base yourself at the moment IMO. The NHR is perfect if you plan to spend a lot of time out of the country and want to optimise taxes.

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For me, it’s because Portugal and Lisbon are so kid-friendly. Having moved from London, I’ve really noticed it. People let you jump the queues, they’re so friendly and nice and restaurants are very accommodating. In London, it was the complete opposite.

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It’s the weather for me. I’ve only been here for a year but the winters are basically non-existent compared with Northern Europe. It’s really just December and January that can be cold. Nearly all days are blue skies, almost no wind, it doesn’t get too hot in summer and when it is really hot, you just go to the beach.

This is Europe’s biggest hidden gem IMO.