Office space recommendations in Lisbon

Can anyone recommend a space for a desk? Something co-working would be great with a nice atmosphere. I’d like to meet people living locally as well.

I’m based in Second Home in Lisbon. It’s a bit pricier than some of the other options but I absolutely love it.

Location is perfect. Super lively area with tonnes of things happening. The food is also absolutely awesome.

I managed to meet a few people here which kicked off my friendship group and the plants give it a very relaxing atmosphere.

There’s others you can try out but from what I hear, they’re just not as sophisticated.


I initially used Second Home but found it to be too expensive for me.

Have you looked into Outsite? It’s super central and it’s cheaper. I’m really enjoying it so far. Not as slick as Second Home but a very good second option.

I also recommend Second Home. It’s the only really legitimate one in my opinion. The only criticism I really have is that it’s too full. There’s literally too many people and it can be hard to get a seat.

I absolutely love the location :heart:

I tend to use my local cafe. Unlike Sydney or London, cafe’s here seem much more friendly towards people working there. Just make sure you buy a coffee or have lunch there and there’s generally no problem.

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