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The NHR is a dream come true. One thing I can’t find out though is whether the government can take the visa away? For example, what if there’s a change in government, can they revoke the visa?

NHR is not a visa, though. It’s a tax scheme. One still needs a visa to legally be in Portugal.


Exactly right. Title has been updated. Thanks for pointing out.

I’m kind of surprised other countries aren’t doing this. Does anyone know of any other countries doing it? It’s such a good deal and it’s attracting a lot of talent to Portugal.

I heard Spain is looking into it but I don’t know of any other countries for now. I hope they do as I want somewhere to go once my 10 year NHR status is finished.

I also heard Italy are looking into it. I think it’s worked pretty well for Portugal in regards to attracting talent, so Spain and Italy are looking at competing with it. Also heard Greece have something in the works. Let’s see.

Can only be good for us :star_struck: